Who we are

Who we are

Who we are

Community360 is an independent charity that aims to inspire and enable social action to improve people’s quality of life. We have a strong track record of bringing people together, developing innovative approaches, and of delivering improved outcomes.

Our vision is for a less unequal society . Our ambition is to use our efforts and influence to reduce inequalities and increase opportunities. The values by which we work are:

  • Leadership: we seek to provide passionate, intelligent leadership for our communities
  • Collaboration: we maximise our impact by building partnerships to work with communities
  • Honesty: we maintain a reputation for integrity and trust
  • Creativity: we are open-minded, we challenge how things are done and develop new approaches
  • Inclusiveness: we seek to involve everyone, are friendly and caring
  • Excellence: we value quality in everything we do

Our strategic ambitions for 2020-23 are to:

  1. Enable – to support and empower social action
  2. Connect – to identify need and develop new approaches
  3. Support – to improve the quality of people’s lives directly
  4. Thrive – to ensure the sustainability of our work

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Outcomes are achieved through several projects, including an experienced Community Development Team and Community Accounts Service.  C360 lead on many community volunteering programmes, involving c400 volunteers through our Time Bank and Volunteer Centre projects.  We also support over 300 community groups a year to access funding, embed good financial practices, recruit their own volunteers, plan and train, as well as network and promote what they do.

We manage programmes that provide fundamental, practical support to the community.  Our Community Transportscheme facilitate over 50,000 trips each year and we hire out scooters and wheelchairs 5 days a week.

Our organisation is constantly evolving, anticipating opportunities in our community and seeking to maximise the impact that we can all have to make our vision a reality.

Meet our CEO Tracy Rudling and learn just what Community360 is all about