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One Colchester

One Colchester is the local strategic partnership for the City of Colchester. The partnership is a multi-agency group with representation at a level to determine the work plan with the ambition to make high level decisions and be able to break down operational barriers.

A really great

The purpose of the group is to provide a strategic framework locally, working in partnership on significant targeted issues affecting local communities within the City of Colchester with the ultimate outcome of encouraging communities to take charge of their own destiny with emphasis on community self-help, health and wellbeing; stable homes; safety; prosperity and other outcomes deemed appropriate within the Partnership group.

The partnership also serves to enable people and assist them to develop solutions that will lead to more resilient communities and secure lasting improvements to local life for future generations.

Look at what has been achieved

There are many things that seemed impossible, but working together has enabled us to deliver for the Colchester community.

80+ organisations have participated in the DAA – Dementia Action Alliance 

One Colchester Hub visits each month

Raised for groups in
Colchester and Braintree

Supporting community
residents and
voluntary groups

Having compassion
for people and their
day to day lives

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