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Explore our resources, including, reports, reviews, annual publications and newsletters. We hope these will give you a greater insight and understanding of our work.

We are pleased to publish these and work with a range of partners to produce them

Community360 is committed to a continued programme of insight and intelligence gathering about our local sector. We achieve this by support and conducting research.

  • North East Essex Communities Responding to Crisis Report
  • Marmot Community Sector Leadership Report
  • Communities Can…Build Back Fairer Conference Report
  • Community Asset Mapping Refresh Report
  • We Are Not Going Back Report 2022
  • Mid Essex Mapping
  • Social Return on Investment Evaluation – Summative Report
  • Community Asset Mapping Die Well Report.

Have a look at our Annual Review,
Full Circle

Full Circle is our Annual Review, a time of reflection and to share our achievements and success stories with you. The review also highlights our project work and plans for the future, We hope you enjoying reading and how our ‘joined up approach’ is making a positive difference for local people.

Our Volunteer Service really helps the community
We help people to identify appropriate opportunities and match them with what organisations need, thus supporting the local community to achieve their goals.
Donations are always something that we welcome
Donate to us and help build a stronger future for our community. We also welcome donations of clothing and warm coats which are always in great demand.
Fundraising is a crucial source of support. There are so many ways you can fundraise
Any funds that are raised help us to continue our efforts and enable projects within the community that need it most.
We believe our work
creates a shared and
supportive community

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