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Office Services

As well as offering office accommodation, we provide a range of services to make working at our spaces really easy.

Helping you with the day to day running of your office space

We also offer back-room services, including access to a franking machine to reduce your postage and a photocopier for bulk printing and a badge making service.

Photocopier prices are as follows.

Black & White A4 = 5p

Colour A4 = 30p

Badge Making Service – £5.50 per badge

Need collection tins? These are available to use to help you fundraise.

Photocopier Services
No need to bring your own photocopier we can offer this service from small to bulk copying.
Kitchen Services
We have a fully equipped kitchen area including a fridge, kettle and microwave.
Posting Services
Take advantage of our on site franking machine to reduce postage costs.
Cleaning Services
All our offices are cleaned and maintained to a high standard.

Would you like some more information?

Call 01206 505 250 or email information@community360.org.uk


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