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Purpose and Values

Community360 has been at the heart of our local voluntary and community sector since 1968 and all our work is driven by our purpose. Through partnership working we will foster resilient, thriving and inclusive environments so everyone can live their best lives.

Our purpose is underpinned
by our core values

We want an equal society where everybody whatever their background can access the support they need. We are committed to connect people with their community in a way that works for them, and to build capacity through collaboration.


We seek to provide passionate, intelligent leadership for our communities


We maximise our impact by building partnerships to work with communities


We maintain a reputation for integrity and trust



We are open-minded, we challenge how things are done and develop new approaches


We seek to involve everyone, are friendly and caring



We value quality in everything we do

A golden thread though all our programmes of work are our Strategic Ambitions.

Our strategic ambitions are to:


  • Stimulate social action by supporting voluntary and community organisations, encouraging collaboration, and providing specialist fundraising and governance advice
  • Use our Volunteer Centre and Time Bank to increase volunteering in our communities
  • Build voluntary and community sector capacity by increasing the reach of our Voluntary Sector Training service
  • Work with partners to make our places dementia and disability friendly


  • Engage with strategic partners through the One Colchester and Alliance partnerships to identify local needs and stimulate new approaches to address them
  • Show leadership for the voluntary and community sector by representing it at a wide range of partnerships
  • Enable smaller groups to access funding by acting as a Single Point of Commissioning
  • Develop more mutual support by promoting shadowing and secondments


  • Continue to grow our transport services by attracting more members, recruiting more volunteer drivers, and providing more journeys
  • Enable the work of more voluntary and community organisations by growing our Community Accounts Service
  • Support residents to make positive life style choices, and expand My Social Prescription to serve more GP surgeries
  • Work with partners to develop and deliver innovative projects such as The One Colchester Hub to create opportunities for improving quality of life in our Places


  • Develop our trading arm – VIP – to generate new independent income streams
  • Deliver a Workforce Strategy which supports our staff and volunteers, increases their effectiveness and flexibility and encourages creativity and innovation
  • Capitalise on digital technology to further improve our effectiveness and efficiency by delivering a Technology Strategy
  • Identify opportunities to improve the sustainability of some of our services by developing financial self-sufficiency
Having compassion
for people and their
day to day lives

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