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Purpose and Values

Community360 has been at the heart of our local voluntary and community sector since 1968 and all our work is driven by our purpose. Through partnership working we will foster resilient, thriving and inclusive environments so everyone can live their best lives.

Our purpose is underpinned
by our core values

We want an equal society where everybody whatever their background can access the support they need. We are committed to connect people with their community in a way that works for them, and to build capacity through collaboration.


We seek to provide passionate, intelligent leadership for our communities


We maximise our impact by building partnerships to work with communities


We maintain a reputation for integrity and trust



We are open-minded, we challenge how things are done and develop new approaches


We seek to involve everyone, are friendly and caring



We value quality in everything we do

Our strategic ambition 

The golden thread that unites all our programmes of work is our strategic ambition which can be read in our Strategic Plan 2023 – 2026

Our people and culture 

Our people are our greatest asset and we are committed to creating a People & Culture strategy that reflects this. Our focus is to develop an engaged, diverse workforce that is empowered to achieve the C360 purpose as well as their own ambitions.

Having compassion
for people and their
day to day lives

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