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Representing the voluntary and community sector at a local level is a key part of our work. We partner with local, regional and national representatives from statutory and voluntary bodies to ensure the views of our sector are communicated.

Supporting each other and connecting communities is key

We are an integral part of several different networks some of which are displayed on the image below. We continue to ensure that Colchester and Braintree remain at the forefront of how we support and celebrate voluntary action in all its diversity.  We champion and strengthen the voluntary sector by making sure that it can continue to do what it does best and that partners know and understand its true added value.

Voice of the sector

We ensure that our members’ voices and expertise are heard at a range of partnerships, boards, and informal meetings with key people across the local area.

Community360 represents your views and remains responsive where appropriate by:

Using evidence: we base what we say and do on the best research and our members’ experiences.

Being creative: we explore new ideas and approaches, looking for what will add real social value.

Being collaborative: we work with our members and partners to achieve the best results and outcomes.

Being inclusive: we value diversity and work to make sure that opportunities are open to all.

Work with integrity: we are open and honest and do what we believe is best for our members, volunteers and the voluntary sector.

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