The next Trusted programme starts on 19th April

Trusted is a 6 week peer to peer money confidence programme, designed to bring people together in a supportive environment to engage in open conversations about their unique approaches to managing their money and situations relating to their money.  In the face of the cost of living crisis, Trusted offers a safe space for participants to build a strong community, share knowledge, and extend help and guidance, making the challenges more manageable.

Each session of the 6 week programme targets a different aspect of finances, building a complete package of shared experiences, backed in the room with representatives from a variety of agencies, for example Colchester City Council, Community360, Mind, DWP and Saffron Building Society.

The next programme starts on 19th April in the town centre and anyone who would like to get involved – as an attendee or guest professional is asked to contact the Trusted team by phone 07532 253540, email


Places are reserved for individuals rather than drop in and each person should commit to the full 6 weekly 2hr sessions.

  • Offering peer-to-peer support and harnessing the power of collective knowledge. Participants come together, exchange experiences, and learn from one another, fostering a sense of camaraderie and trust.
  • Engaging Guest Professionals: Each week, Trusted welcomes esteemed guest professionals from relevant fields. These experts become integral members of the community, enriching discussions with their knowledge and ensuring the information shared is up-to-date and accurate. Moreover, they offer valuable insights into beneficial options that can be explored.
  • Weekly Topics: Over the course of 6 weeks, we delve into 12 different topics, addressing them through insightful and open conversations.
  • Optional Home Tasks: To reinforce learning, we provide optional home tasks, these tasks provide a chance to enhance on the newfound

People so far have improved their position by attending Trusted in a variety of ways:

  • Getting off but now pay later schemes after 2 years of paying back every month
  • Saving up to visit parents in Canada
  • Gaining new employment

Those are just some of the examples.

Attendees say

“Before starting the programme I used to dread payday; all I could think was ‘I’ve worked so hard for the month just to watch all of my bills/debt take it all away with nothing left to do anything to enjoy life. I had resigned myself to having to deprive myself of anything non-essential (and made myself think I didn’t deserve to spend any money on myself anyway!). I have now had my first month in two years where I haven’t had to borrow money from an institution, ask family/friends for help, use my credit card, and still have a positive bank balance!”

and guest professionals :

“We thought it was the most inclusive and informative group we’ve ever attended, and with no actual ‘teacher’ or ‘presenter’ it was quite something! In the 14 years of working with Mind, and the years prior to this in roles within the social care sector I’ve never seen anything quite like this before. The ideas and tips we came away with, the stories shared, the sense of collaboration, equality, and energy we felt was wonderful. If only life itself could be more like this!”

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