Steve Warren is a volunteer walk motivator with our Witham walks. He talks about his experience and the rewards he has gained from volunteering.


The Witham walks are offering a great atmosphere and a relaxing way to get active and networking with new people.

From a Volunteer’s perspective the benefits are numerous, my personal findings and benefits are as follows, after a year of pandemic restrictions, coupled with serious health concerns caused to myself and my family by Covid, the group has been like a breath of fresh air


To be back chatting, meeting new people and networking with the group, I feel it has reduced anxiety and rebuilt confidence for myself and hopefully others.

Both the physical and mental gains from these walks have been immense


The walks are very well run by yourself and offer fabulous support to the group which are made up with individuals with very varied personalities. You demonstrate exceptional vision to support and guide some individuals who have quite challenging life situations

This was highlighted brilliantly when you offered individual support to a young individual with a terminal condition recently


From a volunteers point of view these walks offer fabulous mental support, it is difficult for me to comment on behalf of the individuals on the walk, however I feel it is strongly enjoyed and appreciated by the individuals

With individuals confidentiality in mind I cannot comment on individuals, however it is very apparent how several individuals with anxiety, limited vision or limited fitness are benefitting from the walks


Each week their contribution to discussions and their enjoyment of the walk meeting is increasing, demonstrated by birthday cake and a coffee meeting after one of the walks


Thank you for making these social events and active sessions possible


If you are interested in volunteering please click here


Or contact us on 01206 505250