Volunteer Centre

Volunteer Centre

Colchester and Braintree are the promoters and guide to volunteering in the local area

Community360 is proud to manage both Braintree and Colchester Volunteer Centres and has in the last two years, registered over 3,000 potential volunteers registered with us.

We help many of them to identify appropriate opportunities and give guidance and support on contacting groups, thus supporting them to achieve their goals as volunteers.

Our Volunteer Centre is open 5 days a week and is run by a mixture of staff and volunteers to ensure the smooth running of the project.

Many people benefit from this project on an annual basis for example:

  • Charities and organisations from small local groups to large national charities.. Their diverse work supports the areas of animal welfare, conservation, health and social care, women’s groups, arts and culture, disability, youth and disaster relief.
  • Volunteers – the achievement of “giving” back to the community and supporting local and national causes.
  • People volunteer for various reasons, but many people use volunteering to attain new skills, meet new people and to gain new experiences.