A Compact is a written agreement, developed through consultation between representatives from the voluntary and community sector and statutory organisations.  The document establishes guidelines for working relationships that are beneficial to both parties.

Compacts are often developed locally, at a district or regional level.  Public sector organisations may ask voluntary groups to sign up to the Compact as a condition of receiving funding.  Voluntary groups may call upon the Compact to assist them in their working relationships with statutory partners.  

As a leader and representative for local charitable groups, Community360 is a signatory and strategic partner in the promotion and development of Compact’s in Essex.  

Braintree Compact

We want to ensure that the Compact way of working is part of all sectors of our community and that the Voluntary and Community sector (VCS) are able to make an impact on the decision making of the Braintree District.

If we work together we can:

  • Improve our relationship with funders and work towards long term funding.
  • Ensure that statutory organisations consult with the VCS and provide us with realistic timescales
  • Improve the status of volunteering and ensure that volunteers are valued no matter where they volunteer
  • Ensure that all Voluntary & Community Groups no matter how large or small are taken into account in important decision.

Click here for the Braintree Compact fact sheet.

Compact for Colchester

The Colchester Compact was initially prepared in 2005 and produced in order to support and encourage a clear exchange of information and partnership working between voluntary and community and statutory sector organisations, through:

  • Trust
  • Partnership
  • Understanding

In 2012, it was agreed to refresh and review Colchester Compact in order to respond to the changing nature of voluntary and statutory sectors and the changing environment within which they work.  Following a month long consultation, it was agreed that the Colchester Compact would now be a Compact for Colchester and should adopt the principles and documentation of the Essex Compact.

Signing-up to either Compact is free, and does not commit you to achieve the undertakings in the agreement over night. However, signing-up will give the agreements more force, will entitle you to influence the codes of practice we agree, and will give you access to a constructive means of redress if you feel any other signatory has not lived by the spirit of the agreement.

Click here for the Colchester Compact fact sheet.

Useful Information

Code of Practice – Volunteering
Code of Practice – Public engagement
Code of Practice – Funding and procurement
Code of Practice – Marginalised groups
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