Social Car & Book a Ride

Social Car & Book a Ride

Our Social Car service consists of a team of dedicated volunteers using their own vehicles to transport our members in and around the Colchester and Maldon districts

Book-a-ride operates in the same manner but transport is provided by wheelchair and mobility-scooter accessible minibuses.


Membership is £15.00 per year subject to completion of our membership form and agreement to our T&Cs.

After this we only ask that you cover our volunteer drivers’ mileage expense. We price this at 50p per mile, with a minimum fare of £3 per trip. Payment should be made in cash to the driver though if you require a different arrangement, please contact the office to discuss setting up an account. If you need to travel with an escort or carer they do not have to join as a member but will be subject to a £1 charge per trip.

Cars & buses

Our volunteers use their own cars to provide transport. If you have specific requirements, such as not being able to get into a 3-door car or needing adequate space to store a walking aid then please inform the office. If you cannot access a car at all then we will provide transport using one our fully accessible minibuses.

We can carry various equipment but please note that electric wheelchairs and scooters require a risk assessment. To arrange this please call the office.

Is my Transport guaranteed?

We are able to function due to an outstanding team of volunteers who regularly give up their time to transport our members across our districts.

However, due to rising need in our community and the nature of volunteering, there may be times when we simply cannot help. We’ll always do our best and give you plenty of notice in advance, but all trips are subject to availability.