Independent Examinations

Independent Examinations

It’s vital to have accounts which are clear, concise and comply fully with whatever regulations apply to your organisation

The law states the following for Charities and Companies Limited by Guarantee:

  • Registered charities with an income of more than £25,000 but less than £1,000,000 must have an Independent Examination

(an income of over £1,000,000 requires a full statutory audit)

  • All Limited Companies and Community Interest Companies must have an Examination regardless of income

It is good practice for charities with an income of under £25,000 to have an Independent Examination as it demonstrates good financial governance to potential funders.

As part of the process we provide:

  • One to one consultation
  • Final production of accounts from incomplete records (if required)
  • A comprehensive certificate to accompany the bound accounts
  • Additional management information pages (if requested)
  • Advice and guidance to the Trustees (if required)

Our staff have extensive knowledge of charity accounts, funding and the legal requirements of the Statement of Recommended Practice (SORP).  They are associate members of the Association of Independent Examiners.

Our fees are as low as £198.00.  Please contact us for a bespoke quote.