We can assist your organisation throughout the fundraising process

We do this by offering a comprehensive range of fundraising services. We:

  • Assist you with analysing your funding needs
  • Identify potential funders – we have access to specialist search engines,  which can pinpoint national, regional and local funders
  • Review and help with the completion of funding applications
  • Identify public service contracts, develop working partnerships and understand the tender process
  • Work in partnership with our Community Accounts Service to prepare full cost recovery budgets
  • Provide template policies and procedures
  • Provide references
  • Help to develop robust monitoring and evaluation processes
  • Develop a long-term fundraising strategy with you to ensure a sustainable future

Fundraisers’ Network Group Meetings

We are aware of the importance of understanding the opportunities available to your organisation and the pressures of fundraising. We hold regular meetings to bring fundraisers together, to provide peer support, to meet funders face to face, to find out about local development and activities and seek support.

Fundraising Information Sheets

Community360 has collated information sheets to help fundraisers.

These are available upon request and include  general guidance, as well as specific documents to help you to review your fundraising strategies.  We are constantly updating these documents and welcome guidance on any other guides you would benefit from.


Info Sheet 1 – General info on fundraising
Info Sheet 2 – Funding Search Facilities
Info Sheet 3 – What all Funders Want to Know
Info Sheet 4 – Writing a Project Plan
Info Sheet 5 – Key Steps in Fundraising