Mid and South Essex Integrated Care Board are seeking to improve access to women’s health services in a number of key areas and are developing a Women’s Health Strategy which focuses on issues so they can improve Women’s Health in our area. Thinking about women’s health over the course of a whole lifetime – from vaccinations against HPV, problems with periods, and contraception, all the way through to menopause and bone health. To be able to provide the best care possible they need to work out what the priority areas are.

Mid and South Essex ICB will do this by looking at local need and comparing this to what’s available and where; and will also identify barriers to getting care when you need it.

They would appreciate your time to complete a quick survey to help them understand what is important to you. The survey can be found below and will close on Friday 8th March 2024.

Please complete the survey here :  https://virtualviews.midandsouthessex.ics.nhs.uk/embeds/projects/30421/survey-tools/32675

Virtual Views site that can be viewed in different languages here : MSE Virtual Views (ics.nhs.uk)