Community360 (C360) provides transport services in Colchester, Maldon and Chelmsford for people in the local community who have limited mobility, and for those who would otherwise be socially and geographically excluded.

The charity has seen an increase in people wanting to access the service and urgently needs to recruit more volunteer drivers. C360 is desperately seeking volunteers to help transport older, disabled and/or isolated individuals to and from appointments.

Tracy Rudling, CEO of Community360 said: “This is where you come in. We need your help.

Time is a gift that we all have, and never did we see that more prolific than through the times of Covid where we all stood up and gave just a little bit more of ourselves and our precious time to support others that needed us.  Oh, and what a difference we made and how rewarding it was to give our time whether it was an hour each day or just once a week.”

She added: “Sadly, the number of volunteer drivers at C360 has declined since the pandemic, but our service is still very much in demand.

There continues to be increased pressure on our system, and people with complex health and mobility issues are relying on our type of service more than ever. Add to this an aging population living in rural areas with no transport, you can understand the pressure our service is coming under.

Traditionally volunteer drivers are usually retired people, or part-time workers. But we would also love to hear from younger people involved in their communities who want to make a difference. Volunteering can help build your own confidence as well as making a difference to the lives of others and the community they live in.

For many individuals, especially those in rural or low-density communities who lack other means of transport, volunteer transportation programmes act as a lifeline to access medical care, see friends, family and loved ones, to go shopping, plus other services important to their health and wellbeing. They allow older adults and people with mobility limitations, the opportunity to access places and retain their independence, preventing isolation and maintaining their health. This is why community transport services are so important.

We desperately need more people to come forward and volunteer. Without our volunteer drivers, we are struggling to provide the overprescribed services to our local communities.”

Mrs Poole who lives in Chelmsford has used the community transport service since her husband had to move into a care home. She said: “I cannot walk far and when my husband moved into care, I lost a lot of confidence and thought I would not be able to get out. Thanks to the wonderful community car drivers they have shown me I can still get out and they even take me to visit my husband twice a week which is a real-life line.”

Another user of the service said: “On a Friday, after I have done my shopping, I go to the park for half an hour.  This is something that my husband and I used to do together when we went into town.  This is now my 30 minutes a week that I can sit and remember him, it’s my 30 minutes with my husband.  Without community transport, I wouldn’t be able to do this, and I can’t describe how much it means to me.”

David Gillespie has volunteered for 14 years with C360, and it not only keeps him active and connected but he gets a real sense of reward from putting something back into the community.

“I really wanted to help those who were isolated and as I enjoyed driving this was the perfect role for me!” Said David.  “For those who cannot use traditional forms of transport and for those who would otherwise be house bound, it is rewarding and satisfying that my help gives them an opportunity to get ‘out and about’. Community360’s infrastructure, support and training are excellent, and I would both encourage and recommend volunteering as it is the most worthwhile and enjoyable activity.”

Volunteer drivers use their own vehicles to collect clients, take them to their appointments and return them safely back home again. Drivers will need to be friendly and reliable, hold a valid driving licence, MOT and Insurance and need to have a DBS check which we will arrange. Out of pocket expenses will be reimbursed and you will receive training and ongoing support.  We contribute 45p per mile to use your vehicle.

Our volunteers’ range in age and there is no huge commitment of time – even just a couple of hours a week or fortnight can still make a real difference. All our drivers thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to make a real difference by providing a little extra support, some patience and a friendly chat.

Community360 are hosting a Volunteer Open Day at the One Colchester Hub on Wednesday 10th January, 10:30am – 2:30pm, where public interested in volunteering can meet other volunteer drivers. The address: 4-6 Long Wyre Street. Colchester CO1 1LH.

Can you help? Telephone 01206 505250 or email

For full details of how to access the Community Transport Service log onto: