United in Kind collaborates with communities encouraging ‘Acts of Kindness,’ as a way of connecting people to help improve wellbeing. United in Kind work alongside statutory & charity organisations, individuals, volunteers, & local businesses.

UiK Secret Santa is a ‘bag of donated festive kindness,’ from the community. Each bag contains a small gift, a handmade Christmas decoration along with a handwritten Christmas card. These bags will be distributed to older people and people in need, living in Braintree District.
If you wish to participate, simply donate a small box of chocolates or box of biscuits. Then place your chosen item in an unsealed festive bag and deposit  it at the Braintree District Council offices by Tuesday 12th December 2023.

Thank you for all your support with this community Christmas project.
For further information please contact Braintree District United in Kind Coach Jayne

t: 07458 300 903   e: jayne.laken@ceessex.org.uk