Trusted has been designed by and is led by the community.  Trusted was created to build a money confident community during the Cost of Living Crisis and beyond.

The idea brings together a diverse group of community members to enable money confidence – opening up conversations that have been devised based on one years worth of research within the Colchester Community.  Trusted bring the knowledge that is already within households together to build a stronger, more knowledgeable community.

It is peer-to-peer, no teaching or presenting, enabling people to review their current actions around money and make changes that they choose, embedding what they do by taking action.

It is currently running as 6 weekly sessions and each session is supported by guest professionals, there is a community of 10-15 community members.  The sessions are topic led and guided to ensure that the community can gain as much useful knowledge as possible during each session.

There are also weekly vouchers provided of £15 to ensure that people are able to afford attendance during these difficult times.

The pilot of Trusted saw 10 community members make financial decisions which benefitted them to the amazing sum of £31,376!!

One person obtained employment and another created a business.

To sign up email or call Karen on 07532253540 or Jessica on 07425166069

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