Volunteering is an amazing way for people to give back to their community. Not only in times of crisis, but all year round. Whether it’s packing parcels at a food bank, providing care in the community, lifeguarding at the pool or leading community groups at the local church, there are opportunities to help out all around us.

Volunteers are more likely to continue volunteering and recommend it to others if they find the experience fulfilling, enjoyable and worthwhile. They’re also more likely to return to volunteering later in life if they left on a positive note. This is why it’s so important for us to continually learn and improve.

Over the past five years, NCVO’s Time Well Spent research has provided valuable insights about volunteers’ experiences. These insights have helped organisations create quality volunteering opportunities that motivate, attract and ultimately retain volunteers. NCVO have also explored the barriers to volunteering to help make it more inclusive and easier for more people to get involved.

This latest research focuses on understanding the experiences and perspectives of people from the global majority. This is the term used to capture the experiences of all ethnic groups except white British and other white minority groups. The research is the first of its kind, and the results are very revealing.

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