Essex Recovery Foundation is supporting the annual Global Drug Survey, the largest anonymous drug use survey in the world.

The Global Drug Survey is independent and free from the influence of government funding or commercial interests. The funds they generate go into running the survey and creating free harm reduction tools. Their international team is committed to helping make drug use safer, regardless of the legal status of the drug, and promoting honest conversations about drug use across the world.

This year’s survey is focusing on the impacts of drug prices, trends in illicit tobacco use, use of performance and image enhancing drugs (e.g. steroids), perceptions of tobacco endgame policies, nitrous oxide use, and experiences of drug use in nightlife and festival settings.

Completing the survey is completely voluntary. You do not have to take part and you can choose which sections you wish to answer. Once started, you can withdraw from the survey at any stage.

If you would like to participate, you can do so by visiting or by clicking the button below.

You can learn more about the Essex Recovery Foundation through their website  :