Essex County Council (ECC) are seeking businesses to interview students in Year 13 at Tabor Academy who are interested in an apprenticeship placement post school.

If your business has previously had open vacancies for apprenticeships or is thinking of advertising a summer apprenticeship, ECC would be interested to hear if you could pledge a mock interview. The interviews would be for up to two Tabor Academy year 13 students at a time and date of your choice between 4 and 8 March 2024. ECC will try to job match the interviewee to your sector.

If you are interested in volunteering to do this, please could you contact (telephone: 07502912682 or 0333 013 7912).

ECC can also advertise your apprenticeship vacancies directly into schools via their Apprenticeship Hub and help you secure full funding via the Essex Apprenticeship Levy Transfer Service. To find out more please contact or call 0333 0322591.