Millions of children in England will be offered a flu vaccine from September, as the NHS steps up its life-saving vaccination programme to protect the country against deadly viruses ahead of winter.

School aged children will be able to get the flu vaccine at school or at community clinics, and those with long term health conditions can also get the vaccine at GP surgeries. Children aged two and three years will be able to get an appointment with their GP practice.
The NHS winter flu and covid-19 vaccination programme provides vital protection to those eligible and their families over winter, keeping people from developing serious illnesses, and helping to minimise hospitalisations during busy winter months.
The NHS will start by prioritising flu vaccinations for children, to prevent children from getting seriously ill from flu and ending up hospital, and to break the chain of transmission of the virus to the wider population.
This year, based on the latest scientific evidence, the JCVI has recommended adults over the age of 65 and those with underlying health conditions will be eligible for a flu and covid-19 vaccination, with the offer starting from early October, to maximise protection for patients right across the winter months.
The flu season typically peaks in January so vaccinating adults in October will mean those at greatest risk will be better protected in the coldest months when viruses circulate more as people gather indoors.
If people have already booked an appointment for their flu vaccination earlier with their local provider, these appointments can go ahead.
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