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Exploring new routes into charity employment for over 50s

New Charity Interns project will be hosted by NCVO and offer paid internships to people aged over 50.

Charity Interns will explore new routes into voluntary sector employment for people who may not have experience in the sector. An initial pilot programme will run between late 2023 and early 2024. Up to six candidates aged over 50 will be placed on a six-month paid internship with a charity.

The voluntary sector is currently facing recruitment challenges and skills shortages. Charity services and staff are also being stretched by ever-increasing demand, rising costs and falling income. Charity Interns will help address these issues by tapping into a wider and potentially overlooked talent pool. The project will also support inclusion in the voluntary sector and counter negative stereotypes around older workers.

Internships are generally seen as pathways for younger people to gain skills, enter work or retrain. However, older workers also need supported routes into our sector. Many people aged over 50 have relevant transferable skills and knowledge but find it hard to access charity careers. They want to make a difference but don’t know how.

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Impact round-up: Spring 2023…..

In this edition, evaluation consultant Lucy Lernelius takes a deep dive into measuring the impact of volunteering.

Over a quarter of people in England volunteer formally at least once a year. Many charities both big and small rely heavily on volunteers to carry out their work.

So how can the sector evaluate the impact of volunteering programmes and share the stories of volunteers? Here are our tips.

Use national research and data

You can use national research and data as a source of indicators or questions to help measure volunteering outcomes and experiences.

It can also be useful to compare your data with national benchmarks.

Time Well Spent is NCVOs research series focusing on the volunteer experience. The most recent publication looks at how volunteering has transformed over recent years. This includes the impact of the pandemic, the cost-of-living crisis and the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The Community Life Survey is a national annual survey covering social cohesion, community engagement and social action. It’s the most comprehensive source of data for volunteering and charitable giving.



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