Meet David Gillespie one of our wonderful Volunteer Drivers

I first became a volunteer driver in 2009 for Maldon Community Transport (known to locals as “Viking”.)  Community360 Transport now operate this service and here I am 14 years later and still enjoying driving for the organisation. I decided to volunteer as I wanted to put something back into the community, I wanted to help those who were isolated and unable to maybe use traditional forms of transport.

So, what do I do? I regularly pick up passengers from their homes, assist them with boarding the bus (including facilitating wheelchairs if necessary), and then getting them safely to a variety of destinations: hospitals, daycentres, the doctors or maybe just enabling them to go out shopping. For those otherwise house-bound, it is their opportunity to get ‘out and about’, and it is rewarding and satisfying to play a small part in making this happen.

For me, volunteering has the added benefit of keeping me active and connected. I enjoy seeing our regular passengers and meeting new ones, having a chat, and knowing I am making a difference. Community360’s infrastructure, support and training are excellent, and I would both encourage and recommend volunteering as a most worthwhile and enjoyable activity.

Are you interested in becoming a volunteer driver? Email: or call us on 01206 505250