Multiply in Essex has been helping residents manage their personal finances and upskilling in the workplace. One person to have benefitted from Multiply in Essex is Jenny Ibarra from Basildon.

Jenny works at Signpost, a charity that helps overcome barriers to employment. She recently completed a Multiply course to find out what it’s all about.

“At school I was terrible at maths, it didn’t connect with me, and it was so boring.

“Like many people, I’m paid monthly and wanted some help with budgeting. At home, my husband and son are the numbers people. Signpost were recommending Multiply courses for our clients. I thought I should sign up and do a course, so I could pass on my experience and recommend it to clients.

“I was a little frightened to start Multiply, as every time I thought about numbers it scared me. However, I kept an open mind and wanted to see how it could save me money.”

Jenny undertook a two hour ‘Plan, Shop, Save’ course.

“I loved it! It was learning how to use numbers without the maths. I’m a visual learner and I found the Multiply course a very natural way to learn. I’m evangelical about Multiply now and I recommend it to all Signpost’s clients.

She continued: “It’s important to learn how to manage your finances. Maths really can help in everyday life. If you get your maths wrong, you could end up with no food in your fridge.”

Multiply providers offer courses across Essex. Courses are available online and in person.

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