Love Essex has relaunched its award-winning Love Your Period campaign, asking residents to take small steps to cut out single-use period waste and help residents save money.

Research shows period products are essential for 18 million people in the UK. On average, each person will use around 11,000 single-use sanitary towels and tampons, costing around £130 a year or almost £5,000 over a lifetime.

Single-use period products are not recyclable, they often contain plastic and can take hundreds of years to breakdown in landfill. Many period products are still being flushed down the toilet and contributing to £88 million in sewage blockages.

Anyone who is interested in joining the movement and finding out more about reusable period product can access online resources and take the “period pledge” on the Love Essex website.

As a thank you for taking the period pledge, residents can enter a free monthly prize draw to win prizes such as vouchers, hampers, and reusable products.