Firstsite is delighted to announce the first solo exhibition by the acclaimed British artist EVEWRIGHT. Libation is a collection of seminal works spanning 20 years, and also includes a major new floor drawing artwork from the front to the back of the Firstsite building.

The show’s title refers to the ritual pouring of liquid (usually alcohol-based) to pay homage to deities, ancestors or relatives who have passed away. Offering a libation was part of ancient Egyptian society and remains prominent in traditional Black and African cultures today not only for funerals but as a celebration of life for unions and weddings.

With his major exhibition at Firstsite, EVEWRIGHT seeks to instigate and broaden conversations about what it means to be Black and British in the UK today, via a series of emotionally charged drawings, sculptures, digital films, photography, and recent performance all of which explore themes of migration, identity, race, class and journeys.

Open free to the public Saturday 8 July – Sunday 29 October 2023 all are welcome.

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