The “Let’s Talk about Self-harm” Management Toolkit training workshops have been designed to provide guidance and support for individuals working with school-age children and young people under the age of 18 in educational and other applicable settings.

Self-harm was a concern for partners across Southend, Essex, and Thurrock( SET) due to the high rates of presentation into local CAMH services and concerns raised by schools and other partners about the rates of self-harm known to them.

To address these concerns, the Let’s Talk About Self-harm Management Toolkit was developed. Its purpose is to support individuals working with students and young people to aid their understanding of emotional well-being challenges and offering guidance on how to assist with emotional distress and self-harming behaviour.

In a significant effort to support the mental health of children and young people, Mid and North East Essex Mind has revised and updated the Self-harm Management Toolkit. This initiative aims to provide better resources and assistance to schools, or those working with school-age children, ensuring their educators are equipped to address the issue of self-harm amongst students effectively.

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