Being a young adult is…

Being a young adult feels…

Being a young adult comes with…

Don’t keep your thoughts to yourself!

If you’re 16-30 years old, Popcorn need your voice at their next meetup! Spend a couple of hours with people close to your age and brainstorm ideas for Popcorn Podcast- young adults voice in Essex.

The event will be led by a podcast expert, so you will have a chance to pick up some new skills.

You will:

– learn how to kick off a podcast

– meetup new people in your area

– share your thoughts and ideas

– have an opportunity to join a Popcorn Podcast team

You don’t need:

– any experience in podcasting

– to prepare anything, your life experience as a young adult is all you need

You can:

– just come in with curiosity to see what Popcorn is about

– feel anxious about meeting new people, however Popcorn can assure you that you won’t be put on the spot, asked to record anything or do anything beyond your comfort zone

Popcorn haven’t done podcasting before and can’t do it without your voice!

Whether podcasting is something you are interested in or you want to spend an evening in a great company and offer your ideas, this event is for you.

See you at Popcorn!