It’s hard to believe we are already in May and celebrating National Walking month once again! 

May always brings hope for longer, warmer days and time to plant out our gardens and enjoy even more time outside, benefitting from all that nature has to offer. 

At Community360 we recognise the need to reconnect with our communities and nature, to support both physical and mental well-being but we also know that not everyone is able to participate in many of the physical activities that are on offer. 

At C360 we offer short, friendly, and accessible walks with some amazing volunteers who know how important it is to be inclusive and caring. 

We also know that small groups work better and allow everyone to feel valued and part of the bigger walking family of C360. 

The influences of being out in nature have been proven. It helps balance our neurotransmitters in several ways. 

  • Serotonin is produced when the sun falls on our retina, making us feel positive and energetic. 
  • Dopamine is produced when we see or experience something beautiful, giving us a surge of elation. 
  • Cortisol, which activates our fight or flight response and causes stress if produced in excess, is lessened when in nature.  
  • Every time you exercise, it releases an influx of antibodies as well as white blood cells, which help the body destroy both tumours and viruses. 
  • Walking can be beneficial in bringing down blood glucose and therefore improving diabetes control. 
  • Walking also helps lower blood pressure, cholesterol levels and reduces chances of coronary heart disease. 
  • Regular walks can improve joint mobility and increase muscle strength. 

 Walking may not be for you, but there are plenty of other ways to increase your activity and have some fun along the way. 

We have just put together the 15/ 30 challenge which you can download HERE. It’s in a colourful, calendar format, so you can tick off each day and add your chosen activity! 

It’s just about adding 15 minutes extra to your daily activities for 30 days and we have come up with some fun ideas, or you can choose your own. 

It really is that simple! 

 For more information on our walks and the 15/30 Challenge please contact us on 01206 505250.