Pneumonia remains a leading cause of hospital admission and disproportionately affects our older population and those with long term conditions. Statistics show that individuals between the ages of 85-95 are twice as likely to contract pneumonia compared to those aged 65-69. Many cases are preventable through vaccination and NHS Mid and South Essex are committed to increasing vaccine uptake among eligible groups.

To help inform their efforts, they would appreciate your insights into your personal views on the pneumococcal vaccine. This will help them understand the level of support and information you might need to make an informed choice. The survey will also ask for your opinions on other relevant vaccinations, such as those for flu and COVID-19.

Please rest assured that your responses will be completely anonymous. NHS Mid and South Essex will solely use the collected data for analytical and reporting purposes. No personal information that could identify you will be included in any public or internal reports. Anonymous quotes from the responses may be used for broader insights.

The survey will close at 5pm on Friday, 29th September 2023. To participate, please click on the button below and do feel free to share with friends and relatives who may be interested.

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