The cost of living crisis is affecting most people and January is a particularly difficult month.

Braintree District Council have compiled some information for those who may be struggling to access food this month:

Food banks: There are several food banks in the Braintree district and if you are struggling to access food, you can get a voucher from your GP, Citizens Advice or other organisations, including Braintree District Council Housing and Benefits team. To find out more, email or call 01376 330694.

Community fridges: These are stocked by volunteers providing free excess food which may be useful to someone else. They can be found in many of our towns and villages, and you can find information on local community pages.

Too Good To Go App:  On this app local businesses offer ‘magic bags’ that usually cost between £2 to £5 and contain food that is very close to the sell-by-date, such as sandwiches, pastries, salads and meals that would be thrown away otherwise.

Olio App: On this app neighbours can give away food they won’t use such as leftovers, surplus fruit and veg or even items from Too Good To Go bags they don’t like, for people who may find a use for them instead.

Click here to read more on the Braintree District Council website :