Do you help someone in their day-to-day life? Perhaps with their shopping, getting out and about, keeping on top of their bills or medication? Or perhaps you keep them company if they can’t get out much, or help them with personal care or housework?

It could be a member of your family that you help, or a friend or neighbour. You may help them occasionally, or it may be that most of your time is spent looking after them because they are unable to take care of themselves. You may receive some kind of payment for helping them, or like many in our community, you do what you do simply because you care.

Healthwatch Essex have launched an exciting new project called Carers Voices and would really like to hear from you about your experiences. To know what you feel works well, or not so well, for you and the person you are helping. Healthwatch Essex are working in partnership with Essex County Council and other agencies to make sure that your voice is heard and used to ensure that services and support are developed to meet the needs of the many people in Essex, like you, who care about others.

There will be a range of ways to share your thoughts, from joining group discussions to responding to surveys and polls. However you choose to contribute, Healthwatch Essex value your input as an Expert by Experience in helping to make the changes and have the impact that is needed.

Please get in touch at a time that works for you by telephoning 0300 500 1895 or email us at