Healthwatch Essex hosted a hugely successful Fella’s Fair event at Heybridge Swifts Football Club, in collaboration with Mid and South Essex Integrated Care System.

The event drew together experts, specialists and a wide variety of people with lived experience of men’s health issues. Stallholders included organisations providing information about gambling, hearing loss, mental health, weight management, domestic violence, NHS health checks and many more.

Before the match Errol McKellar from The Errol McKellar Foundation gave a pre-match talk to all of the players about prostate cancer and the signs and symptoms to look out for. Throughout the match three others told their stories relating to mental health, which was broadcast over the tannoy system.

James Wheeler, a veteran of the Armed Forces, spoke of his lived experience of mental health and suicide. He said, “You don’t really see enough events like this; an event tailored specifically for men in a place they are naturally attending anyway. I hope that by attending this event we get more people talking openly about mental health and some of the challenges they may be facing but keeping to themselves.”

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