In today’s society, the issue of homelessness often dominates discussions, but there are certain groups whose struggles remain hidden from the public eye. To shed light on these marginalized populations, Healthwatch Essex has launched a groundbreaking report: “Hidden Homeless: An Exploration of the Health, Care, and Wellbeing Needs of Prisoners, Prison Leavers, and Ex-Offenders in Essex.” The report delves into the lived experiences of prisoners, prison leavers, and ex-offenders, aiming to identify their specific health, care, and wellbeing needs and the challenges they face in achieving positive outcomes. Through surveys, focus groups, and individual interviews, the report sheds light on the voices of this group, highlighting challenges and advocating for necessary improvements in support and services.

Healthwatch Essex shares their report about the health and care experiences of prisoners, prison leavers and ex offenders in Essex:

They are also releasing a podcast recorded with one of the participants:—Life-After-Prison-e27tkdl