The NHS in mid and south Essex is asking for the public’s views to support the development of its plans for the next five years.

The NHS Joint Forward Plan (JFP) will outline how hospital, GP practices and wider community teams are looking to provide NHS services to meet local people’s physical and mental health needs while also delivering on commitments made in the national NHS Long Term Plan.

Feedback can be shared through an online survey.

Professor Michael Thorne CBE, Chair for Mid and South Essex Integrated Care Board said: “The NHS is working on a plan with local NHS partners and wider stakeholders which sets out our aims and ambitions, and how we will look to meet them, over the next five years. Working together with local people to find solutions is important to us. We want to make sure we have a good understanding of what is important to our local community.”  

Local feedback has already helped inform the development of the joint Integrated Care Strategy published earlier this month (May 2023).  The Joint Forward Plan will set out how NHS partners will deliver on the objectives within this strategy.

The NHS Joint Forward Plan has been developed by the Mid and South Essex Integrated Care Board, and NHS provider trusts across mid and south Essex working closely with local authority colleagues and will include detailed operational plans for 2023/2024 and indicative plans for a further four years. The Joint Forward Plan will be refreshed annually.