Being physically active means doing any kind of activity that gets your body moving. We all know it’s good for us to keep active but sometimes things get in the way. It can be time, energy, money, illness or many other things that stops us from being active.

Working during lockdown Community360’s walk motivator Jo could see the isolation that people were feeling and also how much confidence many had lost which was stopping them from leaving the home. She is a firm believer in the power of walking and recognised that it was very important for people to be able to get out both for their physical and mental wellbeing. Her walks were devised to be encompassing for everyone to take part in, whatever their activity level, providing a platform for people to get out again. Online walks were also created for people who could not join the walks in person.

Along with Community360 walk motivator Shawn they hold regular walks in Colchester borough and Braintree district, online walk sessions and care home activity sessions and they see first hand the benefits on our physical and mental health of being active. They also see some of the hurdles people face in motivation or ability to take part.

Exercise isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and the 15/30 Challenge has been created with this in mind. Simply put;

  • Think of a new activity, lasting approximately 15 minutes to get you active and moving!
  • See if you can complete the challenge by doing one a day for 30 days. record your progression by ticking the boxes for each day you complete.
  • Do things you enjoy and keep it fun.

We have made some suggestions for things to do, but any activity works as long as it encourages you to be more active than you were before. Setting a small time aside each day will help being more active a regular habit. Make being active a habit that sticks.

To learn more about the 15/30 Challenge contact Jo Bryant or Emily Wingate on 01206 50 5250 or email

You can download a free copy of the challenge sheet here. Please feel free to share : 15-30 Challenge