Not for profit organisations and private law firms assisting young migrants can apply for grants from the Strategic Legal Fund (SLF) for Vulnerable Young Migrants.

These grants aim to support strategic legal work that benefits disadvantaged migrant children and young people (under 25 years old) who are living in poverty and facing significant disadvantage or discrimination due to their immigration status.

The SLF funds two types of strategic legal actions:

  • the research and development of cases pre-litigation including: gathering evidence to test a hypothesis or research to establish authorities’ policy and practice, identifying potential plaintiffs/applicants/appellants; researching whether to proceed; translating relevant material; and evaluating a litigation strategy.
  • third party “interventions” in existing cases, which allow a non-party intervener to assist the court in arriving in its decision in a case, acting as an amicus curiae, a friend of the court.

The maximum grant amount is £30,000, but due to limited funding, applicants are encouraged to request lower amounts. The average grant size is approximately £12,000.

The application deadline for the next round of grants is 17th July 2023.