The Allan Lane Foundation is offering grants of between £5,000 and £25,000 to charities and not-for-profit organisations working with young people aged 12-21 who are socially excluded or marginalised, and who may have experienced significant issues within their lives.

The grants can be used to support a range of activities, including core costs, project work, and capital expenditure.

The Foundation is particularly interested in supporting organisations that focus their work on:

  • Young people within the criminal justice system or those at risk of offending
  • Looked after children or care leavers
  • Those with significant mental health concerns or complex needs
  • Young people who have been traumatised by challenging family backgrounds, neglect, violence or abuse
  • Those that have fallen through the gaps in care and/or education
  • Those already affected by, or vulnerable to, exploitation
  • Whose experiences could seriously impact their transition into adulthood

To maximise the impact of its grants, the Foundation will only fund smaller organisations. Organisations that work across a local area, such as a village, estate, or town, must have an annual income of less than £100,000 to be eligible. Organisations that work across the entire UK must have an annual income of less than £250,000 to be eligible.

Applications can be submitted at any time.