Bentley Motors Ltd is making grants of up to £500 available to charitable organisations working with vulnerable, disadvantaged or under-represented communities.

The Advancing Life Chances Small Grants Programme provides funding for communities located within 20 miles of the 18 Bentley retail locations across the UK.  These are specified on the Bentley Motors website (link below)

The programme’s areas of focus are:

  • Access – Remove the barriers and improve access to services, education and employability.
  • Empowerment – Development of the life skills that enable people to be more self-confident, successful and thrive in life.
  • Quality of Life – Provide support to live a healthier life both physically and mentally.
  • Better Future – Safeguarding the environment, improving nature-deprived areas, drive improvement to “place” and boosting community spirit.

The next closing date for applications is the 22nd December 2023.

Small Grants Policy (including locations eligible to apply)