The MSE Charity has re-opened its grants programme.  The Charity supports projects that help adults affected by life-changing transitions to develop their financial capability skills.

The MSE Charity is a UK-based charity that provides grants to not-for-profit organisations that deliver activities that make a lasting impact on how people think, behave, and manage their money. The charity was founded in 2006 by Martin Lewis, the founder of, and has since awarded over £1 million in grants to organisations across the UK.

This round of funding will focus on projects that help adults who are affected by life-changing transitions, such as bereavement, retirement, relationship breakdown, homelessness, offending, and resettlement. These transitions can have a significant impact on people’s finances, and the MSE Charity wants to help organisations that are providing financial support and advice to those affected.

Grants of up to £7,500 will be available.  The funding will be available to not for profit organisations with an annual income of up to £750,000 and have less than six months free reserves. The funding can only be used to support project costs.

The funding round will close on the 29th September 2023 or after the first 40 applications have been accepted, so early applications are encouraged.