Tackling Health inequalities: Closing the gap in practice

Wednesday, 29 November 2023 in Chelmsford

For many people, the inequalities they experience impact not only their immediate and longer-term health, but their life expectancy as well. As health and care professionals within our local communities, we are in a unique position of being able to positively influence and change not only our local resident’s health, but also their experience of healthcare.

This health inequalities conference, brought to you by the RCGP Essex Faculty and Mid and South Essex ICS, will give you a unique opportunity to gain insight into the inequalities within your community, learn how to establish partnerships and collaborate, as well as to find out how health inequality prevention projects and programmes are delivering positive results across Essex.

Conference Aims:

•    Highlighting health inequalities in Essex and provide information, guidance and resources to GPs

and other professionals working within health and care in the community.

•    Creating interventions and delivering collaborative solutions to challenge health inequalities

faced by our residents.

•    Providing insight and understanding of the barriers, whether cultural, environmental or

economic, that residents may encounter in their lives which will impact their health and their

ability to access health and care services.

•    Delivering examples of current collaborative community-based interventions and best practice

that will help to narrow the gap in health inequalities.

Key Conference Themes

•    Understanding residents and communities using timely and accurate datasets

•    Embedding prevention into our communities

•    Narrowing the inequality gap using a population health management approach

•    Reducing barriers and targeting the hard to reach residents

•    Promoting the Core20Plus5 approach

•    Strengthening leadership and collaborative working

Key outcomes  

•    An understanding of how to utilise data platforms like Athena

•    The establishment of new contacts and opportunities to facilitate closer collaborative working

within local communities.

•    A knowledge of PHM and how this is addressing inequalities and prevention at PCN level.

•    An understanding of the Core20 plus 5 approach and the work in Deep End practices.

•   The improvement of inclusive access to healthcare.

This conference is open to all those who work in primary care.



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