Finding your active is like putting together a puzzle and sometimes we need to try different pieces to see what fits! Trying new and different activities is how we do this, and it may take a while to find the right fit. The journey to complete the puzzle should be fun and trying something new is always a good way to boost confidence and make new connections.

 One way to explore what’s available to you is by using the Find Your Active Activity Finder, an online tool that helps narrow down the search to a certain area or activity. This tool has a wide range of groups and clubs so you can find what interests you like playing football or getting active in nature!

 Local groups and clubs who help others are an inspiration and are an incredible asset to the local community. Whether that’s setting up a team supporting residents living with a disability, looking for a way to get active and make friends, to a group that helps young people relax and disengage from daily stresses through movement. The Move With Us campaign recognises how important movement can be for young people. The campaign offers great advice to encourage increased activity like putting on your favourite song or playlist to motivate you to move! Music and activity can reduce stress and support wellbeing.

Sometimes getting active means more than just physical activity and November’s mental health focus should highlight how beneficial activity can be for looking after mental wellbeing. Getting outside with a friend or colleague for a walk can be protected time for a chat that encourage important conversations about how you’re doing. November brings focus to men’s mental health and recognises how important it is to prioritise mental and physical wellbeing. For men, adding movement into their routine could be the missing puzzle piece to a healthier lifestyle because this is dedicated time to support their mental health. Seeing the benefits of added movement and protected time for wellbeing activities can encourage men to maintain this routine and invite others to join their journey.

Mental health issues affect us all and that’s why it’s important to encourage people to use physical activity to boost the positive hormones associated with movement to feel more confident and happier. The Able like Mabel campaign recognises this and promotes gentle exercises that not only build strength and resilience in older residents but make them feel more positive as many may be facing isolation.

It’s about finding what works for you and finding the enjoyment in movement! Visit: