Find Your Active strives to encourage anyone to add movement into their routine to lead a healthier lifestyle. Physical activity is for all and it’s important to highlight the range of options available to everyone especially those who feel there’s a barrier between them and an active lifestyle.

Everyone must start somewhere and it’s the first steps to become more active that we want to encourage and praise because this can be the most difficult part. The Find Your Active campaign and activity finder are great examples of how to utilise what is available to begin finding the right movement or activity for you. What works for one person may not work for another so exploring different movements, groups and activities can help.

As an example, living with a long-term health condition will mean that some activities may not be as accessible, so it’s important to assess what movements are manageable, increasing activity to improve overall health and mental wellbeing. Gentle yoga movements, with added mindfulness is a great example of looking after body and mind. Similarly, walking in nature can have a positive effect on physical and mental wellbeing.

Forward planning can be beneficial for anyone, especially older residents who may benefit from a structured routine which includes gentle movement. The Able like Mabel campaign provides easy ways to embed short movements into daily routines, helping to improve residents’ strength and balance.


July will also see the start of the summer school holidays and with such a long time away from school, it’s important children are still taking part in enrichment activities. Getting outside and active is important for children because it will boost the positive hormones that will keep them feeling happy and it will keep their activity levels high. It’s important for young people to find a love for an activity as they will experience comfort and belonging when they find something they’re passionate about. This will not only benefit their development but will ensure they sustain these skills and behaviours into adulthood.

Love Parks Week at the end of July is a perfect chance to encourage children to remain active in the holidays as family trips can be taken to different parks across Essex and you don’t just have to walk there! You could scoot, run or cycle there and while you’re there, as a family you could play some active games in the park like tag or rounders! Parks are an amazing place to start your active journey as there are thousands of miles of open space to explore and their accessibility means you can bring wheelchairs and pushchairs along. There’s no cost or equipment needed, just the knowledge that getting out in the fresh air will bring a range of benefits like reduced blood pressure, better sleep and an increase in vitamin D.

Parks are also a space for connectedness and belonging as they’re a space for meeting friends or family or other people like yourself which can act as a support group. Being active together in the outdoors can build relationships and reduce isolation and this doesn’t come at a cost!

Let’s have fun this summer and let us help you find your active! Visit: