Finding what works for you and getting moving more can be easier than you think! Everyday we have chances to get active and should be taking this time to focus on how to increase our daily movement. Active Travel is a great example of how you can adjust your routine to get more active.

 Active travel can be for anyone, to anywhere. If you have to go to school or do the school run, this can be done by walking, cycling or scooting and is easier when the whole family join in and do it together. If it’s the daily commute to work that takes up your morning then why not cycle, walk or run to increase your daily minutes of physical activity. Not only will this improve your physical health, but it has a range of additional benefits like increased concentration, improved sleep and better mood.

Our working environments can be hectic and it’s important to focus on both our physical and mental wellbeing to reduce the risk of stress and depression. Simple steps and routine changes can help add more movement into our work day such as regular stretch breaks, walking meetings and lunches spent outside or at a class. Focusing on how you can adapt your day to move more can help long term health also. Looking after one’s own health, especially when older or experiencing a long-term health condition, can have a wide range of benefits. Focusing on simple stretching or strength exercises can ensure that there’s less risk of injury and The Able Like Mabel campaign provides these key exercises that will assist in strengthening the body. For some, adding movement into a routine is a new challenge and finding a physical activity that works for them may take a while. It’s about making the small journeys count and recognising that every step we take is a step in the right direction. Increasing daily steps is a great starting point and this has been made easier with apps such as Big Team Challenge or GoJauntly. It’s about finding what works for you and finding the enjoyment in movement! Visit: