TIER, the world’s largest shared micro-mobility operator, has announced it is launching 100 e-bikes in Colchester to support demand for longer journeys in the city.

The e-bikes are being introduced in addition to the existing fleet of e-scooters operated by TIER. TIER’s e-bikes support micro-mobility users who want to travel further with a longer battery range and with a higher top speed of 15 mph, compared to 12.5mph for e-scooters. The e-bikes also feature front mounted baskets which riders can use to hold a bag while travelling and a smartphone holder which provides wireless charging. Riding one of the e-bikes is like riding a normal bike. The rider must pedal, and the electric motor assists the rider until the bike reaches its top speed. The motor then stops providing assistance until the bikes speed drops below 15 mph again.

The bikes are all equipped with front and rear brakes, always on front and rear lights and a bell for safety. Users are encouraged to wear a helmet when riding a TIER e-bike or e-scooter and must ride either vehicle on the road or in a cycle lane. Pavement riding is against TIER’s terms of service, users caught doing so face being banned from the service.

Read more here: https://www.colchester.gov.uk/info/cbc-article/?catid=latest-news&id=KA-04422