Families in the Colchester area are invited to participate in a creative drop-in family day at Firstsite Gallery held by Latimer by Clarion Housing Group, who are bringing forward the plans for the new Tendring and Colchester Borders Garden Community (The Garden Community).

The free family day will take place on Friday 1st September, between 10am and 3pm, and is open to children and young people of all ages. An engaging interactive making activity will represent the focal point of the day. Operated on a drop-in basis, it will give local families the opportunity to learn more about The Garden Community in a fun and creative way. Using simple techniques and materials, participants will be encouraged to share their ideas for a new green community.

The day is being organised by Latimer’s youth engagement specialists MATT + FIONA.
MATT + FIONA are an award-winning social enterprise who are responsible for meaningfully integrating the voices of local young people into the new community.
The events are part of Latimer’s youth engagement programme as they bring forward the plans for the new Garden Community. A key part of Latimer’s business model is a recognition that young people will inherit the communities in the long term and therefore should have a critical role in shaping it.

As part of this commitment to youth engagement, Latimer has run a series of events and forums. This includes a school design challenge and the establishment of a youth forum whose members are inputting ideas into the design of the Garden Community.

As the proposals for the Garden Community develop, the ideas from the youth engagement programme will help inform the emerging design proposals for the Garden Community, which will be formally presented for public consultation from Autumn 2023.

Latimer, the development arm of Clarion Housing Group, is bringing forward the plans for the new Garden Community located to the east of Colchester. It will provide new job opportunities and around 7,500 new homes, including affordable homes, primary and secondary schools, a new country park, three neighbourhood centres with dedicated employment, innovation and education spaces as well as new healthcare, retail, leisure and community facilities.