Sharing the latest news from the Essex Neurology Network including;

  • New Health, Wellbeing and Care Hub at the University of Essex
  • Next Essex Neurology Open Network Meeting
  • The Brain & Spine Foundation
  • ME/CFS Implications for Anaesthesia
  • Heads Together
  • Brain Tumour Awareness Month
  • Stress Awareness Month
  • NeuroPong Program

The Essex Neurology Network is an umbrella organisation Neurology Network that brings together local neurology service providers, national and local support organisations, people, families and carers affected by neurological conditions and researchers at the University of Essex; working together to ensure the best services and support for those  who are affected by neurological conditions, so that they have access to high quality resources and the support they need to enable them to live an active and fulfilled life. Essex Neurology Network | University of Essex

Click here to read more : Essex Neurology Network Connexions Bulletin 3 March 2024