Join Citizens Advice for their next cost-of-living data briefing on 10 October, 11am – 12pm.

This event will be hosted virtually during the Labour Party Conference. Chief Executive Clare Moriarty and Data Analyst Tom MacInnes will be speaking live from Citizens Advice Liverpool.

Panellists will be announced soon.

The September event debated which policy levers are needed to use to tackle the cost-of-living crisis. This event will develop this discussion to talk about how to pull them, and how to conduct effective policy making.

Half of the people coming to Citizens Advice in debt have a negative budget (spending more on essentials than they have coming in) and Citizens Advice are supporting more and more people who haven’t come to them before, like mortgage holders and those in full time employment. They are also helping record numbers of people access food banks.

Policy changes and Government support have helped bring these numbers down slightly, but they’re still alarmingly high. So what’s the answer and how do we fix it?

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