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The Colchester Business Opinion Survey 2023 is now live until Friday 3rd November and can be accessed from this link:

This survey aims to take the temperature of the local economy.  The Council, Colchester Business Enterprise Agency (Colbea), the Our Colchester BID, the Federation of Small Business (FSB), and the Let’s Do Business Group have joined together in this study to assess the:

  • Degree of Covid recovery taking place
  • Identify key issues facing businesses currently
  • Identify measures being taken by businesses to address these key issues
  • Assess whether businesses have accessed business support: information advice and guidance
  • Whether businesses need more support and in what areas
  • Whether businesses are experiencing crime
  • Understand company aspirations for the future
  • Assess the degree of business confidence going forward.

The results from this survey will help inform the delivery of the Economic Strategy for Colchester which was published earlier this year.  The results from this survey will also be shared with partner organisations in order to help develop further support for Businesses.

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