It’s never been more important to keep hope alive and to seek out the things which help us feel connected.

The Producers at Catalyst have compiled a list of things which have brought them hope and joy throughout 2023, and why.

In an ‘imperialist, white supremacist, capitalist patriarchal system’ (Bell Hooks), where we’re conditioned to be relentlessly productive and efficient, rest IS an act of resistance (as suggested by Tricia Hersey in her book of the same title).  Many of us feel we can’t rest, that we have to keep on producing and submit to the grind culture. Yet the winter period is for slowing down, taking stock. Everywhere we turn we see this modelled for us beautifully in nature, the visible dormancy a reminder to slow down.

Catalyst are taking a long winter break to allow themselves time and space to reflect on 2023, because they believe that it’s a key component of systems change work. They have heard from some of their partners that this small act of rebellion has inspired them to do the same.

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